Best Games to play on Android Jelly Bean Tablets

Tablet with some cool and amazing features are highly demanded today, tablet are not only made for surfing internet or watching videos and reading Ebooks but now, Android tablets comes with fast and powerful hardware with game optimized  graphics processor in which most of the HD games can be played very smoothly. There are plenty of games available for iPad or Android OS and different games are demanded by different age group of people and almost everyone likes to play games. Thousand of games are available for Android devices on Google Play store, Action games are the most popular and are highly demanded and there are cheats and Easter Eggs available for them. In this article we are going to review some of the HD 3D games that can be played on Android Jellybean Tablet.

AirAttack HD Lite:

Best Games to play on Android Jelly Bean Tablets-AirAttack HD Lite

AirAttack HD Lite is a award winning next-gen top down air combat shooter with stunning 3D graphics along with great audio, effects and awesome game play. AirAttack HD has more than 1 000 000 Downloads on iPhone / iPad and this game won Unity Awards 2010. In this game AirAttack HD Lite there are 3 Great Missions with 24 different enemy Types in 3 unique Planes. You will be provided with numerous upgrades and special weapons with three difficulty modes with unbelievable 3D environments with Light Maps and SpecularMaps. This game runs best on NVIDIA Tegra based devices, if you like action games this is the one game you must play, AirAttack HD Lite is for free in Google Play.

The Dark Knight Rises:

Best Games to play on Android Jelly Bean Tablets-The Dark Knight Rises

The Dark Knight Rises is the newest game available for Android tablets, in this game you have to become Batman and save Gotham City from the biggest threat it’s ever faced. This Exclusive game is inspired by The Dark Knight Rises Movie where Bruce Wayne gets back into action as Batman, mysterious Selina Kyle and Bane are waiting for him. In this game you have to meet all Batman’s allies and regain your strength to protect Gotham City from Bane, you will fully immerse in this epic gaming experience play as Batman. Batman relies on his vehicles to get the job done and here in this game you will have the opportunity to drive the Bat-Pod for special vigilante missions or pilot. Explore the entire city of Gotham and its different districts spread across a huge map and enjoy stunning graphics for total immersion in the dark universe of Batman. You can download this game for Rs 390 from Google Play.

Galaxy on Fire 2™ THD:

Best Games to play on Android Jelly Bean Tablets-Galaxy on Fire 2™ THD

Galaxy on Fire 2™ THD is a critically acclaimed and multi award-winning outer space game, here in this game you are into a war-torn future where space adventurer Keith T. Maxwell finds the galaxy at the mercy of a powerful alien race and uncovering the truth about this dangerous species, he boldly takes the fight to their doorstep you have to play as Keith T. Maxwell. In this game Galaxy on Fire 2 you will have 100 unique 3D space stations and more than 30 customizable space ships with omplex trading system with over 170 different commodities of all kinds. Galaxy on Fire 2 is a story based game and supports up to full native 1280 x 800 pixels resolution and is designed to run on Tegra’s GeForce GPU.

You can have Galaxy on Fire 2™ THD On Google Play for free.


Best Games to play on Android Jelly Bean Tablets-MASS EFFECT™ INFILTRATOR

MASS EFFECT™ INFILTRATOR is another superb Action packed game for tablet; this game is based on original Mass Effect storyline and is available exclusively for Android devices. In this game you are a Cerberus agent Randall Ezno and you have to engage in epic boss battles against Cerberus Mechs and twisted experiment victims. While playing this game you will enter into whole new dimension in Android gaming. You have to fight against the whole army. If you are truly a Action freak you will enjoy this game. MASS EFFECT™ INFILTRATOR is available for Rs 380.28 in Google play.

Anomaly Warzone Earth HD:

Best Games to play on Android Jelly Bean Tablets-Anomaly Warzone Earth HD

Anomaly Warzone Earth HD is an award winning game. In this game you have to take control of the attacking force pitting your heavily armored squad against the destructive towers of an alien horde. You have survived and carefully lead your squad through the invaders’ defenses, shattering their towers and turrets with special weapons and power-ups in this groundbreaking new experience in tower offense. In this game Anomaly Warzone Earth HD you will have a whole new experience as this tower defense game where you’re the attacking side. You can have Anomaly Warzone Earth HD for Rs 205 from Google Play.

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